New Water Supply, Aquifer Sensitivity Services

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New Water Supply, Aquifer Sensitivity Services

Our site surveys for new subsurface water supplies include construction of a 3D model of geologic materials at the site to depths of 300 ft. Subsequently, we assess the model for groundwater storage and flow directions. To address the sensitivity of an aquifer, we focus on determining the location, extent, and spatial heterogeneity of the aquifer.  Additionally, we ascertain the depth, thickness, and spatial heterogeneity of any overlying aquitards, particularly pathways of high infiltration.

Our approach to characterizing the 3D geology of a site as well as the hydrogeology of known aquifers is to use ERI and GPR surveys in conjunction with a minimal coring program. ERI and GPR have been widely applied to the development of new water supplies and aquifer sensitivity issues because these techniques provide non-invasive, continuous, reliable coverage of an area. Such surveys require significantly fewer resources, cost significantly less than, and produce significantly richer data sets than invasive coring surveys alone. Drilling need only be sufficient to calibrate the interpretations of the geophysical data.

Our deliverables include maps, cross-sections, 3D models of the geology and hydrogeology of the study site, geophysical data, core descriptions, pertinent analyses of core samples, and  summary interpretation.

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